Three-language children's kindergarten in Moscow for children from 4 months to 7 years

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Grow up well

Our program of activities has been made to develop children's potential according to their age group. It prepares children for school by providing them skills and tools to be successful in their futur academic pursuits.

Openness to the world

Children are introduced to living in a community. Exploring new spaces, the cycle of life and our planet are opportunities for children to discover the world... They will learn the premises of mathematics.


To encourage open-mindedness and develop the imagination, workshops on the arts and cultures from elsewhere are offered. We develop their creativity and feed their imagination.

Gym / Relaxation

Physical and sports initiation to facilitate bodily awakening and develop motor skills. Relaxation exercises which help children develop their concentration, experience new sensations and become aware of their bodies.

Language Awareness / Communication

Activities, songs and stories, and sometimes shows, are proposed daily in English and French by our professional team which is bilingual in Russian-English or French-Russian

The first nursery group in France

The first nursery group in France people&kids is a subsidiary of people&baby, the first nursery company in France based in Paris. In its 550 daycares in 7 countries, the Group offers an educational project fully focused on children’s well-being, rearing and education.


In April, our kindergarten will be transformed into an aquarium!

During the day, a week or even a whole month, your child will develop many new skills with his 5 senses by discovering all the components of an aquarium: shells, fish, seaweed, coral, sand…

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